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All Thomson Reuters websites use cookies to improve your online experience.  This is not always necessarily the case however, and in many UK institutions students studying the , , and B.A. follow the same curriculum as outlined by The British Psychological Society and have the same options of specialism open to them regardless of whether they choose a balance, a heavy science basis, or heavy social science basis to their degree.Positivist social scientists use methods resembling those of the natural sciences as tools for understanding society, and so define science in its stricter modern sense Interpretivist social scientists, by contrast, may use social critique or symbolic interpretation rather than constructing empirically falsifiable theories, and thus treat science in its broader sense.  The sociological field of interest ranges from the analysis of short contacts between anonymous individuals on the street to the study of global social processes In the terms of sociologists Peter L. Berger and Thomas Luckmann , social scientists seek an understanding of the Social Construction of Reality Most sociologists work in one or more subfields One useful way to describe the discipline is as a cluster of sub-fields that examine different dimensions of society.The Division offers more than 6,500 undergraduate and 400 graduate students the opportunity to study and learn from nationally and internationally recognized faculty on one of the most beautiful campuses on the Pacific Coast. The Department provides a well-rounded, interdisciplinary curriculum which engages approaches from traditional disciplines, including history, sociology, anthropology, and literature, as well as from interdisciplinary scholarship in women`s studies, law and society, public policy, global studies, social movements, cultural studies, and film and media studies.The Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Gdańsk comprises the following Institutes: Pedagogy, Political Sciences, Psychology, as well as Philosophy, Sociology and Journalism. Faculty members are among the best in the nation in the areas of economy and society, ethnomethodology and conversational analysis, feminist studies, global studies, race and ethnicity, sociology of culture, social movements, organizations, stratification, political sociology, urban sociology, law and social control, religion and society, population and environment, networks, quantitative and qualitative methods, and sociological theory.Social science is the collection of academic disciplines which study any aspect of social behavior and the functioning of society.  The voluminous and widely published accounts of the great voyages that had begun in the 15th century, the records of soldiers, explorers, and missionaries who perforce had been brought into often long and close contact with primitive and other non-Western peoples, provided still another great reservoir of data, all of which might have been utilized in scientific ways as such data were to be utilized a century or two later in the social sciences.
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The wrenching of large numbers of people from the older and protective contexts of village , guild, parish , and family , and their massing in the new centres of industry, forming slums, living in common squalor and wretchedness, their wages generally behind cost of living , their families growing larger, their standard of living becoming lower, as it seemed—all of this is a frequent theme in the social thought of the century.Such writers as Sir Henry Maine in England, Numa Fustel de Coulanges in France, and Otto von Gierke in Germany declared that state and sovereignty were not timeless and universal nor the results of some social contract” envisaged by such philosophers as Locke and Rousseau but, rather, structures formed slowly through developmental or historical processes.It was Auguste Comte who coined the word sociology, and he used it to refer to what he imagined would be a single, all-encompassing, science of society that would take its place at the top of the hierarchy of sciences—a hierarchy that Comte saw as including astronomy (the oldest of the sciences historically) at the bottom and with physics, chemistry, and biology rising in that order to sociology, the latest and grandest of the sciences.Alexis de Tocqueville , especially in the second volume of his Democracy in America (1835), provided an account of the customs, social structures, and institutions in America, dealing with these—and also with the social and psychological problems of Americans in that day—as aspects of the impact of the democratic and industrial revolutions upon traditional society.Ferdinand Tönnies , in his Gemeinschaft und Gesellschaft (1887; translated as Community and Society ), sought to explain all major social problems in the West as the consequence of the West`s historical transition from the communal, status-based, concentric society of the Middle Ages to the more individualistic, impersonal, and large-scale society of the democratic-industrial period.
Although the point of departure in each of the studies was the nature of association, they dealt, in one degree or other, with the internal processes of psychosocial interaction, the operation of attitudes and judgments, and the social basis of personality and thought—in short, with those phenomena that would, at least in the 20th century, be the substance of social psychology as a formal discipline.And both were to exert a great deal of influence on the other social sciences by the beginning of the 20th century: social statistics on sociology and social psychology pre-eminently; social geography on political science, economics, history, and certain areas of anthropology, especially those areas dealing with the dispersion of races and the diffusion of cultural elements.Research themes include the social impacts of the intersectionality of gender, race and class; sexuality and reproductive ethics; food politics and alternative approaches to economics; women`s writing and feminism in contemporary art; ecofeminism, ethics and human rights; religion and psychoanalysis; identity and subjectivity in the Arab world; Anglo and Francophone literature; and feminist theory.While faculty and graduate students dedicated to the humanistic and social scientific study of this region are largely located in the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences, South Asian Studies faculty have appointments as well in the Duke Global Health Initiative, Fuqua School of Business, Nicholas School of the Environment, and Sanford School of Public Policy.The Institute emphasizes: creating new knowledge relevant to contemporary social problems; facilitating access and creating data sources relevant to understanding these social problems; enhancing the skills of researchers, strengthening research teams, and training the next generation of social science researchers; and translating new research findings so that they can influence contemporary understanding of social problems influencing policy debates and solutions.


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